15 x Venison Raw Dog Food Enriched with Antler Powder

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This Bundle Contains 15 x 500g tubs.

Description & Ingredients

Part of our Raw food range of complete formula meals, Venison raw dog food, is a delicious nutritionally balanced gourmet recipe. Suitable for dogs 24 weeks plus. A blend of quality fresh British pasture-reared venison meat, Beef liver and ground venison bone. Packed with seasonal leafy greens, hemp seeds, and kelp, infused with the best quality salmon oil and enriched with Antler Powder to maintain good calcium & mineral levels! 

Please notewe use double 10mm mincing plates for all ingredients in our adult meal ranges. Bone fragments may be present on occasion.

Precisely Balanced Complete Nutrition

We collaborated with vets to create our Complete Venison enriched with Antler powder recipe. Excellent novel protein meals designed to deliver human-quality meat and superfood ingredients with an unrivalled standard in the marketplace. Every element is precisely balanced, supplying optimum levels of all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support your dog's growth, development and vitality.

Simple And Easy Feeding

Defrost the night before in the fridge, remove the lid and serve the amount dog requires. Then relax in the knowledge that your dog is getting the absolute best possible natural nourishment daily.

  • Benefits Dog Health - Our wheat, sugar, gluten & grain FREE  raw dog food provides nutritional benefits for your dog, including healthier coat and skin, better digestion, and easier weight control.
  • Defrost the night before in the fridge, remove the lid and serve the amount dog requires. Then relax in the knowledge that your dog is getting the absolute best possible natural nourishment daily.
  • At Wild Antler, we use ONLY human-grade, British Farm, DEFRA-approved meat with soft ground bone. Vegetables, superfoods and oils complement these for extra vitamins and nutrients.
  • Balanced 'BARF' Raw Food - Our 80:10:10 raw dog food recipes are designed for experienced raw feeders, dogs on elimination diets or requiring a single protein source.
  • DEFRA & Vet approved frozen raw dog food, suitable for dogs aged 24 weeks+

Feeding Guide:

Adult dogs should be fed 2-3% of their ideal body weight per day. This is only a guide, some dogs may need more or less to maintain proper weight.

Some dogs will need the upper limits allowed, some will need the lower limits. Common sense and observation should be used by the owner at all time to ensure their dog does not gain too much weight.

Storage and Defrosting Guide:

• Keep Frozen.
• We recommend that you defrost overnight in the fridge, the raw food will last for 4 days this way.
• Once defrosted, do not refreeze.

Why Raw Dog Food is Better Than Processed Dog Food

Many commercially processed dog foods are manmade and based on meat derivatives. These so-called dog foods often contain excessive sugars, preservatives, additives and fillers and other ‘nasties’ which hold no nutritional benefits for your dog.

At Wild Antler, we use ONLY human grade, British Farm, DEFRA approved meat with ground bone. These are complemented by vegetables, superfoods and oils for extra vitamins and nutrients.