Meet Daisy, Bubble & Anna

They are a part of our family and play essential roles in our business, from advertising to quality inspection.

Our Story

We cater to your dogs' cravings for wild flavours. Our family-owned brand, guided by our passion for canine well-being, provides low-fat, nutritious venison-based dog food and treats. Inspired by our working dog's love for venison, we ensure your pets enjoy the best natural, wholesome meals. Experience the wild side of pet care with Wild Antler.

Customers Reviews

Detailed product information on website so that customers know what they are buying. Excellent tracking system for deliveries. For dogs with special dietary needs (eg IBD) it has been a fantastic find.


My 30 tubs of Antler venison raw dog food was delivered next day as promised, very well packed and still frozen on arrival. A first class service from Antler, definitely recommend and will use again, the dog's love their food.


We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!


Great for my dog, he doesn’t have any runny poos anymore they are solid thanks to the added antler powder in the raw food. Also no more gland problems. Always delivered in well packed boxes and packs are still frozen when they are delivered by DPD.


I love this company always good and quality products . My pup love the raw meals and other antler chews . Thank you :)


The products are very well made. Packaged really well and delivery time is very quick. There is always a little something extra in the delivery too. I cut the sausages into treat size portions my fur babies can't get enough. Great for hiding meds in too.


Taste of Wild with Wild Antler

Each and every ingredient is precisely balanced, supplying optimum levels of all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support your dog’s growth, development and vitality.