4 x VENISON, REINDEER & BOAR+Red Deer antler

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4 x Wild Game - Grain Free Complete Wet Working Dog Food +Red Deer antler

Box of 4 x 400g tin  + Red Deer antler (Medium size )

Here at Antler Chew, we believe in high-quality nutrition, which is why all our food is grain and gluten-free. Made with only the best, highly digestible, human-grade ingredients, our Wild Antler food range has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It is made with freshly prepared animal ingredients that provide a good protein source. In addition, the Wild Game Grain-Free Complete Wet Working Dog Food also contains Valerian and Camomile, which can help calm and soothe. These cranberries are rich in vitamins and good for urinary health and Glucosamine, Rosehips and Chondroitin, which can aid in joint health and function.

Feeding Guide:

Wild Antler wet complete can be fed on their own or alongside kibble. If providing alongside kibble, it is essential not to exceed 100% of your dog's daily recommended intake. For example, you may want to feed 75% of the dry and 25% of the allowance wet, spread over two meals daily.

If feeding only wet food, the following guide applies to adult working dogs.

  • 0 -3kg Dogs - ½ Can (200g)
  • 3 - 8.5kg Dogs ½ - 1 Can (200g - 400g)
  • 8.5 - 15kg Dogs 1 -1½ Cans (400g - 600g)
  • 15 – 21.5kg Dogs 1½ - 2 Cans (600g – 800g)
  • 21.5 – 37kg Dogs 2 - 3 Cans (800g – 1200g)
  • 37kg + Dogs 3 Cans + (1200g +)

If feeding a puppy or a more passive dog, please get in touch with us for a feeding guide.

Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Suitable for working dogs and puppies from weaning to old age.

Of course, our complete wet working dog food is also vet-approved and hypoallergenic - with no added grain, gluten, dairy, soya, pork or beef.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep it refrigerated and use it within two days. See base for a best-before date.

Ingredients: Freshly Prepared Venison 25%, Freshly Prepared Wild Boar 25%, Freshly Prepared Reindeer 20%, Cranberries, Blueberries, Coconut, Asparagus, Carrots, Green Beans, Minerals, Seaweed, Valerian, Camomile, Marjoram, Stinging Nettle, Watercress, Basil, Sage, Dill, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Rosehips, Borage Oil, Prebiotic FOS, Joint Support [Glucosamine (100mg/Kg), Chondroitin Sulphate (100mg/Kg)]

Nutritional Additives: (per Kg) Vitamin D3 200, i.e., Zinc sulfate monohydrate 15mg, Manganese II sulfate monohydrate 3mg, Calcium iodite 0.75mg.

Analysis: Crude Protein 10.8%, Crude Oils & Fats 6.9%, Crude Minerals 2.4%, Crude Fibre 0.4%, Crude Moisture 75%.