Natural Antler Powder

£3.99 GBP

100% Natural Deer Antler Powder, Dietary Supplement

We cut a lot of deer antler, and in doing so generate a lot of powder. Antler is packed full of goodness including 40% protein and is perfect to supplement your dog's nutrition. Deer shed their antlers yearly so this product is completely natural and cruelty-free!

Made from 100% naturally shed antler, helps to reduce cholesterol level , maintain healthy bones, muscles & joints.
Just sprinkle it over the  dry/wet food or can be used as an added ingredient in homemade dog biscuits or other treats. 

Bag weight 50 g + 
Use as a complementary food enhancer

Not all dogs can chew antlers and some owners want to control their diet's making antler powder a perfect dog food supplement.

Manufactured in the UK by Antler Chew 

Deer Antler has some unique and proven benefits:

  •  Antler aids the immune system and helps reduce cholesterol.
  • It contains high volumes of natural minerals and nutrients that aid circulation and improve metabolism.
  •  These natural minerals help bones, muscles and joints, also helping to maintain healthy cells and tissue.
  • It can also help prevent inflammation from arthritis.
  • 100% naturally shed antler from free ranging deer

Nutritional Analysis: Ash: 50% Protein: 40% Moisture: 10.6%, Fat: 0.4%, Calcium: 21g/100g, Phosphorous: 10g/100g, Magnesium: 26mg/100g, Iron: 998ppm, Sodium, 0.4%, Potassium: 0.02%