Wild Antler - Comfort Collection Luxury Dog Bed

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The "Wild Antler - Comfort Collection", a unique blend of Ivy & Duke's luxury dog beds and Wild Antler's natural deer antler accents, became a symbol of comfort, style, and sustainability. This distinct line soon captured the attention of pet owners and leading pet publications. The collaboration strengthened the bond between Ivy & Duke and Wild Antler, celebrating their shared values of quality, sustainability, and innovation. 

Medium Size Dog bed 

This practical cushion-style bed makes a great addition to any living room, kitchen or in the car and caravan for travels.

Indulge your furry friend in luxurious comfort with  Wild Antler Luxury Dog Bed. This handcrafted dog bed is perfect for small to medium-sized dogs, offering a plush sleeping area that's second to none. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, designed for versatility, catering to all your dog's relaxation needs.
Our oval-shaped bed is filled with granulated memory foam that adjusts to your dog's shape, providing optimal support and pressure relief. This feature makes it an ideal vet bed for dogs, especially for seniors or those with joint issues.
The removable cotton cover is soft and incredibly easy to clean. Remove the cover and machine wash to keep the bed fresh and hygienic. This washable dog bed is the perfect solution to keep your home odour-free while offering your pet a clean, comfortable resting place.
Thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted, this bed embodies the exceptional quality Ivy and Duke are renowned for. Each purchase comes with a complimentary Wild Antler chew toy, adding to your pet's delight. Choose Ivy and Duke's Wild Antler Luxury Dog Bed, and treat your dog to the ultimate sleep experience.