Raw Venison Marrow Bone

£2.99 GBP

Raw Venison Marrow Bone (for pets only)

Premium selected  quality wild venison marrow bones .

Feeding a raw diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet "BARF") to your dog  will help ensure that they are getting all the needed daily vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will keep them fit and healthy

Tough and mighty for a healthy workout, and great for those who like a big chew. 

In vacuum packs of single or five pack.

  • Always supervise your dog when giving them raw bones to chew on
  • Don’t feed your dog bones that can be swallowed whole
  • Throw out gnawed-down bones to avoid choking
  • Never feed your dog cooked bones, as these can cause internal damage
  • Always offer your dog human-grade raw, meaty bones

Please note : This product will be sent frozen on the shipment day.